Weekly roundup August 12-25

Yes, I missed last week. I was going to do it and then I didn’t. Instead, I enjoyed Montreal summer at the Botanical Gardens 🌱 🌳 🌾 🌲 (highly recommended) and participating in the Pride Parade 🌈.


Mayor Jim Watson: After 40 years, I’m opening the closet door The Ottawa Citizen

35 under 35: Announcer Kirsten Karbach offers Phillies fans another reason to tune in to Double-A Reading The Athletic

Goodbye, Governing Governing

The deception in the SNC affair is the most troubling aspect of all The National Post

What is Haberman? The Regex King

Do homes without kitchens mark the end of human civilization? TVO


^ h/t to all the twitterers who dropped this in my feed 🧨 🔥