Brave New World

How eventful a weekend that was. well i guess it was only partially weekend.

Anyway so after 'wasting' half my days sleeping/trying to sleep. I read a very excellent book (well finished it because the library insisted that i bring it back by today). Brave New World was a great book and should be read by all.

I also ventured out in the 'normal' temperatures to see the movie City of God on Monday night. It was quite a good movie. though it did have quite a bit of killing in it, nothing on the order of say Gangs of New York, but a fair amount.

I am really having difficulty understanding how it is only the start of August. I mean it doesn't seem like the summer has flown by, though at the same time it seems as though time is passing very slowly just to spite me. I mean if summer were over right now i would be happy. I am so ready for some higher learning or whatever universities try to pass off on us.

Feeling: Missing people.

Song: Amanda Stott - To Keep From Missing You