Week over

This week is finally over. I don't know how this week really went, but that's ok because i'm pretty sure it wasn't bad overall. Two midterms, and two essays were due but i finished all those and am pretty sure I have made it through.

Why is it that I never seem to get the girl. It's just disappointing. I wish I would just say what I have decided I should say. Alas, I do not usually. I am determined to speak my mind this time.

I saw a good movie tonight, Station Agent. I enjoyed it and it had some funny parts. I would not recommend it to my friends because they just wouldn't like it or how it turns out, so do not think you should see it because i think it is good.

I'm so tired I think I'm going to get some sleep, maybe I will actually get more than two or three hours of sleep tonight.

State: Disappointed in me.

Song: Shut Up! - Black Eyed Peas & Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield

It will be the day words are spoken and a positive answer is returned.