she crossed the floor?

So I haven't written like I said I would but I'm trying to start today.

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Tonight, I hung out with Heather, Jamie and Meghan. Jamie and Meghan were cleaning Jamie's livingroom and progress quite a bit until Meghan went a bit nuts and had to leave so she could do some work of some sort. We ended up at my house after Sev and just sat around in my room reading random things.

Yesterday, Heather and I went to the library and Safeway after I did a bunch of bush cutting in the yard. There is still a bit of cutting to do.

The other night, maybe Saturday, Jamie, Heather and I watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and it was really quite funny. Much better that I think any of us anticipated. I think I might watch it again before it is due on Saturday or the week after whichever I feel like. (Crazy ol' Blockbuster and their no late fees.)

I finally sent off my passport application, which has been like 2 months sitting in my room and I have had the pictures for about a month. Not that I have any specific travel scheduled but it is nice to have the option of planning something and not having to scramble to get a passport. Maybe I will go to Mexico or Cuba soon (like within a year, that kind of soon).

Work has gone better this week as people have helped me do the mounds of event dishes, rather than me going "oh my that is a massively gigantic pile I can never finish it". That's what Sunday night was like, it was like 8.45 when I finally said screw it I will finish tomorrow, and started to clean up which entails scrubbing down the dishwasher counter and sinks then sweeping, mopping and taking the garbage down to the loading docks.

I think that will be all for today. Oh, I really would like the UofC Engineering to get back to me about my application because I am tired of not knowing what I am doing in the Fall. Oh and also, we hopefully won't have an election because Belinda Stronach became a Liberal.

Song: Share the Land - The Guess Who