a movie and seafood and a place

I went to Home Depot after work today to drop off my application. Oddly, I had the worst service I have ever had there. I had to wait for quite a while while random employees talked amongst themselves about what I hope was the customer in front of me's problem, but I am pretty sure that it wasn't about that at all.

Tonight, Heather, Jamie and I watched Beyond Borders, which despite my dislike of Angelina Jolie was a pretty good movie. It was very twisty and turny. A few of the things I saw coming a few others I didn't until they were just about to happen.

I have the awful smell of seafood in black bean sauce from lunch today stuck in my nose, I didn't eat it I just served it. I ate a roast beef and cheddar sandwich and it tasted much better than the seafood smelled.

Song: Mission Bell - Tariq
Book: Before the Flood - Alan R. Wilson