back again and for a while, I hope

It's been a while. I think just because I don't sit here at night anymore, at least not very long before I get to bed.

Anyway, I hung out with Heather, Rhoda, Melissa, Graham and Jamie tonight. We played some Frisbee and watched Risky Business. The movie was alright, not quite as bad as The Girl Next Door, which we watched a while ago.

I had an interview at Home Depot on Friday and I am hoping to hear from them soon because I would really like to have a job that I can keep into the fall. And I would also really like for the Engineering Dept. to respond to my e-mail from the other day and to admit me to my program because I am just getting annoyed at my inability to register, while I watch helplessly as the classes that I had a nice schedule for disappear. It is starting to look like I will have to flip my timetable upside-down and have lectures in the afternoon... (I will wait a minute while you are cringe)... Okay, cringing done... I guess that this is what happens to people who decide not to take a program that they are already registered in and are completely able to complete when they first have the chance... and to top that off go and putter off at another university. (Not to mention one that gets more money from the provincial government because it is "bigger". Like woop-de-shit they have more grad students there, grad students aren't all that useful to most of us in our everyday undergrad lives.)

That's enough complaining about not having a job that I would like to have and not being in school that I want to be in. I might have a job at Mount Royal if I want, but I think I will wait until at least the end of tomorrow for HD to get back to me.

I was reading a neat article about "Sweden Test[ing] First Biogas Train". It was really neat. I was watching something on CBC news a bit ago about Sweden and their Biogas recycling. It all seemed like such a good idea, even if it could never be adopted here in rednecked ol' Alberta.

I was thinking the other day how Alberta and Ontario were basically the same, in that they were the rich ones and that many of the people are conservative in nature, it's just that people in Ontario are smarter because they elect the Liberals, and then get those who they elected to direct how the country is governed. Meanwhile, the morons over here in Alberta elect the Conservatives, and then complain about having no power. If you elect the party that is going to win, at that point in time, then you get things that you want (provided you have the clout, economic and political, which Alberta would if it elected say 75% Liberals.) There are many conservative minded Liberals and they just have to play on this and run them against Conservatives, who are defeatable in this idiotic money grubbing province.

That's enough of everything for now.

Song: He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot - Grandaddy, Coney Island - Death Cab for Cutie
Book: Waldo Chicken Wakes the Dead