internet is back broken cables are bad.

Finally, my internet works again. It broke on Wednesday. After a piano book fell off the back of the piano and hit the overstretched cord, I didn't find out at the book falling until today when my sister told me, even though I had asked her if anything had happened while she was near the cable.

I have done many things in the last week. I gave notice at my job so that I could go work at the Mount Royal Bookstore again since they need people there and it isn't that busy at the club. I went to see are really good movie, Mad Hot Ballroom, about these kids in NY who have to take this ten week ballroom dancing class. That was Thursday night and that night a bunch of us also went over the Jasmine's to watch some mediocre fireworks. The visiting that took place that night was much better than the fireworks.

On Canada Day/Moving Day, depending on your province, Heather, Kelda and I bussed it down to Ikea and had a fun afternoon there. We also went to some stores that really didn't seem that much bigger than the ones in "real" malls, rather than these new strip-type malls. The Black's superstore, as it is called, really seemed like it was smaller than the normal Black's at Market Mall. Later in the afternoon Heather and I helped Jamie and her roommate move. Jamie and I could have been seen walking down the street carrying a TV or an iBook and random cords.

Saturday, I went out for a really good dinner with Heather at Madison's, and later we watched Almost Famous. That movie is good every time I see it. Oh yea and when we were at Blockbuster, we ran into Joe and Anne, both of whom I hadn't seen in a long time.

Today, much of the day was spent waiting for the Shaw guy to come to fix my internet. Then we went up for dinner at my dad's girlfriend's house. It was quite good. Fun times. A good long weekend, that seemed as short as a regular weekend, even with and extra day.

Song: CBC Radio 3 Podcast #6 on iTunes - Listen to it for good Canadian music.
Book: Subways of the World, I think I will start Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil when I finally finish reading about the subways.