filled Friday

I don't remember the last time I went so many places on a Friday. Lectures were ok though it seems that nobody seems to know what is going on in Thermodynamics because the prof is telling us that arbitrarily cold will pass to a hot body and that you can harness this. Now, I don't remember the last time it was easy to capture large amounts of arbitrary processes.

After this I went down to the Glenbow to see the model buildings by Foster and Partner, who are going to be designing the EnCana building. This seems like a great thing because many of their buildings are energy efficient.

I met with Heather later and we had some nachos then went down to the zoo. We saw the little hippo. I think the keeper said he was 700 lbs. I took a bunch of pictures you can see them . The butterfly house was really warm and smelled quite good. Then off we went to and to grab some food. The Uptown was our next stop and we saw . It was quite a good movie.

Following all that fun stuff. We met up with Jamie and Rhoda at Heather and watched . And of course that was good too.

And that was really all. Well actually I rode the train a bunch and took a pile of pictures.

Song: Don't Look in Their Eyes - Stabilo (Get it, it is the iTunes song of the week for this past week)
Book: - Bill Bryson