variously unrelated

I was reading the news at some point this weekend and saw that Canadian Tire had changed their marketing firm. The article was hopeful that the Canadian Tire guy would be axed. I couldn't agree more, that guy is annoying and if you ask me the other guy in that break commercial should've beaten him up for not bringing back what he asked for and instead bringing back the noname-type brand.

I'm sitting in MacHall and from above Carlos was trying to convince me to go and wash dishes for him again. It is still amusing that somewhere that I just left for no real reason wants me to come back, mostly because I always finished washing an unreasonably large amount of dishes in a disproportionately small amount of time. That seems to be the problem with working efficiently, people never want to get rid of you even if you obviously hate what you are doing, i.e. washing dishes.

After ENCI, I was standing outside ICT with Jessica and our TA waiting for Jessica's CD to come with her lab on it, and I noticed that a workman was installing a new sign beside the parking pay station. On this sign were the directions on how to use the pay station in large print. Apparently this is required because people don't bother reading the instructions on the station itself before saying that it doesn't work and using that as their excuse not to pay. The directions are simple for Credit Card and Change. Credit Card: Insert Card, Press Buy Time button until desired expiry time appears on screen, press green print ticket button, remove ticket from dispenser. Now it gets a bit harder for Cash: Insert coins until desired time appears on screen, press green print ticket button, take ticket from dispenser. It isn't the older or younger people that can't understand these simple instructions, it is more often than not the professor-types and professional looking people. I begin to worry how they in fact made it to the university while driving a car when they can't use a machine as simple as the ticket dispenser.

In the only quasi-related story, I met one of the ENCI TAs today. He seemed like a nice one.

As usual, there is a loud racket going on in the MacHall courtyard. I think it is development week but the music isn't really related, it isn't bad music it is just too loud. The person or people who set the volume for the sound system in MacHall seem to have deafened themselves as the volume is always too loud. Last week there was this MuchMusic VJ search thing and it was painfully loud then too.

I saw Wallace and Gromit on Friday night with Heather at Eau Claire. It was a very funny movie. There were also some nice walks between the theatre and Heather's place.

Oh I know my siblings and I bought ourselves a nice new TV this weekend. It has vastly improved our movie watching experience as out old TV was made in 1981 and was lacking the proper dark light contrast.

That shall be all for now.

Book: The Efficient Society