Snow Cake go see it... and eat beef tataki

This past weekend was quite good. Saturday night, Heather and I headed to a Film Fest Gala with Steph (who provided the tickets and the drinks), Pat and Jamie. It was a great time. The movie was Snow Cake and it was very good. I would recommend that you all go when it eventually is released for a short time here. After the movie was the party, which initially was a chatting and eating in a very large tent on 8th avenue, but we decided to try to get into the VIP party at Opus on 8th because Steph was a VIP. Anyway, we got in and had a nice table and the music was much quieter so less loud talking was required. The drinks were good, but the food was better. The sous chef came out and talked to us before samples were sent out. Dumplings, sushi pizza (salmon and trout), coconut tempura shrimp and tastiest of all beef tataki. It was a great night and thanks go to Steph for the great time.

Also over the past weekend, I didn't get any school work done. It was sort of bad since I haven't really got anything done yet this year except for my first environmental assignment and one question of my mechanics assignment. However, things got better on Sunday afternoon when I wrote most of my internship letter. I'm still not sure if I will do an internship. It really depends on what is on offer out there. Right now, I'm looking at doing something in the environmental engineering vein and not too far from Calgary, but not in Calgary, so Edmonton since I miss it. So, I guess I did accomplish that.

I keep thinking that I have tons of work to do and then sit down to do it and realize there isn't that much, and don't do much of it. This scenario will not work forever, but for now it is ok. This week will be when I finish lots of work because I have my cousin's wedding to go to on Saturday and think I am working Sunday and Monday (yay holiday time and a half).

I got my ENGO 343 (Surveying Block week) mark back today. I got an A, pass on the lab and 86% on the final. Yay... half credit in a week.

Song: 3x5 - John Mayer, Grand Champion - Les Trois Accords
Book: Fever Pitch - Nick Hornby (who I heard yesterday on CBC Radio 1)