Work isn't always fun

Christmas parties are mildly annoying and make everybody want to quit. Mostly because we don't get tips in parking just yelled at. In related news, banks are cheap. They caused me lots of annoying-ness tonight.

I didn't get a Wii yesterday because they were not for sale online. I did buy a PS2 and DDR but I am going to return it all unopened because I don't really want that. I'm going to finally spend the ridiculous sum on SimCity4 for my computer. It will be lots of fun and won't cause me to buy more and more games like the PS2 would.

Studying has not really happened yet but I'm sure it will eventually. I have all tomorrow night and Monday and most of Tuesday and so on. My first exam isn't until Tuesday night so it should be fine.

Last, I finally saw Wedding Crashers last night. It was quite funny. I don't know why I don't see these good movies sooner. I also bought a copy of Good Night and Good Luck, which I did see in the theatre and it was quite good.

Song: Exitlude - The Killers, When You were Young - The Killers