my week of past in T.

So I went to Toronto. It was a fun trip. I stayed at Heather's house out there and we went to many different locales.

We flew WestJet there and back. The flight there was good, though a little turbulent. We had a really funny flight attendant on the early morning flight. He made me laugh quite a bit at the 7 in the morning that it was. My favorite was when he said "there may be 500 ways to leave your lover but there are only six ways to leave this aircraft." I think everybody on the plane appreciated how awake he sounded at that time in the morning since most of them looked like they had been dragged all the way from their bed to their seat. That evening, we went on a driving tour of Richmond Hill and Thornhill. I got to drive and Heather told me about all the things that we passed.

Wednesday, we went to Yourkdale shopping mall, which houses the only Apple Store in Canada. It was a cool store, but I imagine that it is really small when compared to stores elsewhere. After that we went down to Kensington, which is nothing like Kensington here. It is all little shops and such. The such being tarot card readers and similar things. And it was nice and hot the first bunch of days there. Very humid and hot. Though I think I liked being out in the hot and muggy more than most people. Later in the evening we went to see a concert in Aurora, like half an hour north of where Heather's house is. It was a free concert in the park put on the Home Hardware, and the band was made up of band teacher's from the school district, including Heather's high school one. They played motown-y tunes, and I was surprised how many people were there to watch. And I met Heather's friends.

Thursday, we went somewhere... I think we walked south on Yonge Street to a mall that is inside Toronto proper. In the afternoon, we went to my grandma's house in Toronto for dinner. We ate some quite good Thai food, as well as picking up some groceries for her and weeding her path and back yard a bit. It was a fun night with my grandma and my aunt.

Friday, we started a bit later in the day and went down the subway to see the "historic distillery district", at least that's what the signs said. It was a snobby area with art galleries and stores that didn't allow the customers to touch anything. I did like the red cobblestone roads through it though. We did stop at the market on the way there, I don't think I had ever been to that particular market. Our journey took us back west along Queen Street East and we decided to go to a used computer store that just happened to be way on the other side of downtown. While looking for a place to eat some lunch, we passed through the main U of T campus which was very nice looking. After our long trek to the computer store we passed Honest Ed's and ended up eating some Tim Horton's for a quite late lunch. The Royal Ontario Museum was our next destination. It is free on Fridays after 4.30 pm so there were loads of people there, and many children who seemed less interested in the artifacts than in running around in the air conditioned building. We were a bit disappointed with the large number of displays that were not actually on display, presumably because of the construction that is going on in the building.

Saturday, we drove to my grandma's house and then walked along Yonge to the Mandarin restaurant. If you go to Toronto and want a large amount of food this is a good buffet to go to. After lunch, we went to see the movie Broken Flowers. It was an excellent movie, though some will not like the conclusion.

Sunday, we went to the bookstore and the mall. Then later returned to the mall because Heather wanted a bathing suit. We went to visit Heather's friend Cas that night and we watched Scooby Doo. It was an amusing movie.

Monday, a trip to the zoo was the order of the day. I haven't been to that zoo in a billion years. It was a nice zoo. I don't think they had that many more animals than here in Calgary, but the land it much larger and the areas are more spread out. Some pictures of the zoo visit will be on my Flickr at some point this weekend.

Later, after returning from the zoo, Heather and I went to her aunt and uncle's house for a visit. Then went to the Galaxy Diner for dinner with Heather's friends: Cas, Shashi, Angus and Chris. It was a fun night. We went glow mini golfing and sat in Tim Hortons chatting for some 3 hours.

Tuesday, the morning was spent organizing our bags so that everything fit, then off we went to the airport. The flight home was worse than the flight there as there were about 6 children, under 4, in the seats around us and it seemed their parents were content to watch TV and listen to their headphones rather than try to calm their kids. But it was a smooth flight.

And that's the kind of week it was. From me here at here I hope it wasn't too boring because I had fun.