a better post, for a better time

It was a bit short yesterday. I didn't really have time to write anything and I was quite tired, so now I think I will write something longer.

This morning I went to GT Carstar to get an estimate for the car, and they informed me that they were a preferred shop for the front end hit guy's insurance, so it wasn't really necessary to get another quote, which was nice considering the damage that we noticed on the tire. The actual tire is cracked and will likely break. So, my mum got all the insurance stuff organised.

Work today was uneventful, there weren't that many customers and therefore I didn't have many dishes to do. I did clean a few that were molded today because they cleaned out the fridges and freezer. Wasn't that just so much fun.

Heather came and met me in MacHall, and we made an accidental detour to the bank so I could deposit my pay cheque. It was "accidental" since I was supposed to drive home right after work and not use the car anymore than necessary. I figure the detour wasn't that much out of the way. We eventually ate some pancakes, that we found on Cooking For Engineers. They were good. We then watched this funny movie that my dad lent me. It was Speaking of Sex. It has Bill Murray and Catherine O'Hara among others, though the two mentioned aren't really the primary characters.

I don't really know what else. I think that will be all for now. Go see my photos; they are fun, at least I think so. I also have links to other people's photos. People like Heather, Meghan, and Melissa.

Song: The One - Oh Susanna, Watermark - The Weakerthans
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