new CD and time passing fast/slow

I can't believe that it is already Wednesday. I have done a bit this week. Monday night I had people come over and we played some games, which were fun. We also went on an adventure to Wendy's and I got a new type of Frosty with things in it. Mine had M&Ms but you can get oreo and butterfingers too.

Last night, I had dinner at Heather's then I came home early with the intention of going to bed early, but that didn't happen. I just ended up staying up reading random net news and playing Warcraft 3.

I took 2 Linguistics books to the used book store today because I figured if I didn't take them now then I would forget over and over later and then I would never sell them. So they are there and hopefully some kind Ling students will get them in the fall or winter semester, whenever those classes are offered. Actually, I don't think that I have any sell-able textbooks left, I think I have finally offloaded all the books that I have been meaning to get rid of, most of them since I bought them. This is because I didn't really use them during the time I was taking the classes.

Tonight, I bought a CD by the Dragon Fli Empire, they are a hip hop/soul-y group from Calgary. You can listen to them on, just search for them in the box. I was impressed that it was only $12.50, including shipping. Usually, independent bands have really expensive CDs which I think hinders their progress because people are generally cheap, as evidenced by their willingness to download something rather than buy it. (Not that I would buy most of the music I had got on the net but I might have bought some of it had it been cheaper.)

I really was going to write something else but I don't remember what it was.

Song: Mount Pleasant - Dragon Fli Empire
Book: Mindscan - Robert J. Sawyer