Good week

I was resetting my TV stations today because I no longer have cable and while doing an auto channel search I found that Radio-Canada is on channel 67. Supposedly it is on 16 but I never had good reception on that channel. I'm quite happy that I found it because now I can watch French TV if that is what I feel like doing. It's great.

This past pay period (that doesn't end until Saturday) I have worked many many hours because a few of our people are out of town for various reasons. I'm hoping that they will be back soon, so that I don't have to work quite so much.

My Barenaked Ladies are Me CDs arrived this week. The live acoustic versions of the songs are quite good and the regular CD sounds the same as the MP3s that they offered because of their shipping delay.

I read a story about this link last night. It seemed interesting. It is about Edmonton.

This week has been pretty good. I'm almost done my Environmental engineering assignment and I've started my Mechanics of materials one. So far I don't think I have fallen behind, but engineering is often surprising.

Song: Bank Job - Barenaked Ladies
Book: The Undercover Economist - Tim Harford