I was up early this morning to go to BestBuy to get a Wii... of course that didn't work out because I didn't get up early enough. The line seems to have started at 3 am. Though the people at the front of the line were still sleeping, so it might have been earlier. Most of us at the back gave up because we can count and if their stock signs were accurate we wouldn't be getting one from there today. I decided to try my luck with bestbuy online. I was really close to getting one last round so perhaps today will be better.

In other news, I got a great CD the other afternoon. It is called Lit-Hop and it is by Baba Brinkman. He has also recorded a hip-hop version of the Canterbury Tales. I got it from IndiePool, which seems to be a independent artist collective for sale of albums. The service was good as I only ordered it late last week and it was here by CanadaPost by Wednesday.

Today is the last day of the semester, which couldn't come fast enough. This really felt like the longest week of the semester. Oh well. I seem to have survived. Now, I should start studying for my finals so I continue to do well for the semester.

Next semester, I have have some exciting classes. Ok not really. I am taking Open Channel Hydraulics, which is rumoured to be a hard class, but I'm not too concerned. By taking this 4th year class now, I can take only 10 classes in my last year.

Song: Sam's Town - The Killers, Social Contract (f. Jena Fair) - Baba Brinkman