That was a very relaxing weekend. I didn't do anything that was even sort of related to homework. I haven't had a weekend like that since much before reading week. I didn't play any video games but that's ok. I can play those later. I did get to see a "live taping" of the CBC Saturday morning show Go! on Friday night. That was really quite fun. The group Dragon Fli Empire was the musical guest and they were as good as my CD of theirs I have.

Saturday morning, I watched some basketball before going off to work but it wasn't as busy as they had anticipated. So it was sort of boring until I was the only one left working when there was enough work to keep me busy until the end of the night.

Today, I watched a few minutes of basketball before Heather and I headed out to watch speed skating at the Oval. It was good even though I only got to see the women's 1500M race before I had to go to work. It was slightly busier today. And here I am having a nice night with nothing that I need to be doing.

Book: Neither Here Nor There (which I am finishing right now) A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson
Song: Popular Mechanics for Lovers - Beulah