BSD '06

Today was the last day of classes which was nice. I actually went to all my scheduled lectures and tutorials for the day. I might have learned something but if I didn't it doesn't matter because I wouldn't have accomplished anything at home.

In the afternoon, I went around and took pictures of the Bermuda Shorts Day festivities. I posted them on my flickr, so you can see them there. There was much stupidity there and then I had to work at 4. It was interesting. I spent a while keeping a fire lane clear so that an ambulance could leave when it needed to. At one point I believe we had 4 ambulances on campus and a fire truck. Not sure why the fire truck came but it was away from the BSD beer gardens so that was good.

Tomorrow will be a day full of studying and then Easter dinner because my brother and I both are working on Sunday afternoon/evening. I get to learn all about Thermodynamics and by learn I really mean do practice problems and put stickies in my book so I know where all the formulas are when I get into the open book exam. After that exam on Monday I have 4 days to study for my other exams and probably 3 work shifts.

Song: If Music Be the Food of Love, War on Drugs - Barenaked Ladies
Book: The Tale of a City - Tony O'Donohue