#483 - Going to Edmontown

I haven't really been posting that much lately. It isn't really because I have been busy. I think it is more that I have been lazy. I had all my midterms in the last two weeks and have done fairly well on them. My lowest so far was Project Management (which isn't my favorite class) but that was only a 79% so oh well. I did pretty awesome on Geology and Material Sciences. I don't know about the other two, but Environmental was really easy yesterday.

As the title of this post says, I'm off to Edmonton this weekend. Heather and I are going to visit everybody there. We are staying at Lisa and Anne's. I don't imagine anybody there reads this but if they do send me an e-mail and I will try to call you. This should be a fun long weekend.

I'm really of tired of working. In the past 3 pay periods I have worked way too many hours. I was busy all this week so I booked off all days except Wednesday but didn't work then either. It was a great week. Also, I bought Medal of Honour: Frontline the other day and have figured out what is going on in the game. I have passed the first few levels. It's exciting since I haven't been playing video games that much in a while. On that same topic, I'm thinking about getting a Wii when they come out on the 19th. They can play my current gamecube games and I'm sure CB would like to be able to keep my gamecube in his room, since he has more games than I do for it. I'm still not sure.

Over the last couple weeks I have tried out a Samsung 19" LCD TV and a Gateway 21" wide-screen monitor, but neither of them really did what I wanted. I wanted to be able to watch TV, use them as a monitor and play video games. The Samsung worked well except that the DVI port doesn't work with computers for some reason (and it says that they won't in the manual) and it had really good TV reception (since we don't have cable at my house). The Gateway was fine as a monitor, which was expected since that's what it is, but it was not very good with any of the other inputs. They all had diagonal lines that wouldn't go away even though I turned of the noise reduction and screen enhancement. So sadly, I do not have anything new. I still have my normal old 13" Sony tube TV. It does the job and has a fairly strong tuner (only CITY is snowy).

I have taken a handful of photos over the last while, so check 'em out on flickr. That will be all for now.

Book: How to Save the World in Your Spare Time - Elizabeth May