stuff happened and was fun (mostly)

Busy-ness... Ok not really anymore. Heather and I went to Edmonton last weekend and it was awesome. We drove up Friday afternoon after my field trip to the Bonnybrook Waste Water Treatment Plant, which was lots of fun. We didn't arrive too late and went to Rapid Fire Theatre (like Loose Moose, but funnier). It was funnier than the first time I went with Lisa (blogged here).

Saturday, Heather and I went on adventures around Edmonton, though mostly places that we had been before. We had dinner at Chili's with Allyce and Lisa. It was not too bad. Then we visited one of many liquor stores and had a night of drinking. More fun.

Sunday, Heather and I met more people for lunch at Earl's (on Campus, so many places seem to have "on Campus" as part of their names now) and we went on a photo taking adventure around UofA campus. Later in the afternoon, we headed back to Calgary because we had school work to do. It was a good time and I'm sure another trip (or more) will be made next semester.

Of course on Monday, nothing much productive got done. We had yummy breakfast at Nellie's on Kensington. Tuesday, I spent large chunks of time outside because I was working and it was Fall Convocation, so parking staff get to make sure people get in and out with relative ease. Thankfully, it was not that cold out. I ended up getting off earlier than expected. I finished most of an assignment that evening. At this point it seemed that I had a million things to do and they would all be due before long, but, as of now (late Thursday afternoon), I am almost done everything that is due in the first half of next week. There are a few little things to do like figuring out the last function on my excel assignment and re-writing my mechanics assignment, but it shouldn't be a crazy weekend.

Tomorrow, most of my class is going on a field trip to the LaFarge cement plant on the way to Banff, but I didn't really want to go and have a meeting for 15 minutes in the middle of the afternoon. So tomorrow, I don't really know if I will go to my one class since I will go for an hour and then come home and then go back for 15 minutes later in the afternoon. I will likely just get out of bed and finish all my assignments.

That's it for the moment. Check out the photos; they turned out well.

Book: Collapse - Jared Diamond (I'm going to start that in the next couple days)
Song: Camilo - State Radio, In the Sun - Joseph Arthur