the green party

That's great. I like having exams that are good and done with. The make you feel so good, especially when you are one of the first to leave. Anyway, our exam papers were 20 late because sometime before they got to the gym where we were writing, they were lost in printing or the registrar.

I was reading the paper this morning, and somebody was talking about thinking about an alternative political party than the good ol' boys parties. The writer didn't mention which party she was talking about but being in Alberta and talking about a national party, she was referring to the Green Party. I think with somebody known at the helm of that party, they could form a veritable government. The changes they could enact could be amazing.

The opposition leaders are stubborn and should be punished if they force an election before the Gomery Inquiry makes its report to us. I will actually work on an election called before the report. The leaders playing on the country's fear of Québec separating. Canada won't be hurt if we actually lose the province. I'm not advocating that but presently Canadian industry is mostly located outside Québec, and some major players there are subsidized by the federal government.

Anyway, we should volunteer with the Green Party and become advocates for them, as they are the alternative. They are the only alternative at this moment. People will say the party shouldn't be given power because they haven't proven themselves, but how could they prove themselves if voters put them in the Catch-22 that afflicts so many young people trying to break into the job market. Can't get a job without experience, can't get experience without a job. It's time to change our ideas about politics. Even a coalition government isn't all bad, some of the most important changes in Canadian society, including national pension, Medicare, and many rights that we (unfortunately) for granted.

Song: Dropkick Queen of the Weekend - The Dudes
Book: Why I Hate Canadians - Will Ferguson (He is a Canadian and you should read this book because it is quite well written and well informed.)