Arts people who don't function in the real world can always work in retail... No, I'm just kidding. I think they can learn another language that usually does the trick (and not like take intro class but 4 or 5 courses).

We don't want to be too mean to the non-functional Arts people. Many of them don't know anymore about science than they were required to know to graduate from high school, if that. And many of them didn't bother with science because they weren't really interested, but the language really seems like something... Heck they might learn something.

Maybe require a minor in a language, obviously not including Latin because I don't feel there are that many cultural aspects to those courses.

And finally... Why is it Lisa that you want to clone humans? Is it to harvest them or do you have plans for world domination? If it is the world domination it would have been much simpler to just erect a zombie army.

This was going to be a comment on the previous post but then became too long so I just made it into a post.