Fido doesn't bill correctly.

I just got off the phone with Fido for the second month in a row because they charged me for things that are included in my plan. If it didn't cost so much to buy out of my contract I would because my time is worth more than they might think having me on hold 28 minutes this time. (It was longer last time).

At least this time the guy put in a complaint to the techs saying my service was broken. Last time the guy said he couldn't do that on the first time. Why couldn't you put in a service request on the first time something was broken. That would be like have a light out and not being able to request that it be replaced until it miraculously came back on and then went out again. If it miraculously came back on, I doubt it would be going off again.

Anyway, for anybody who cares, don't bother getting service with Fido/Rogers because they are no good. Also, they are charging 7% GST even though only 2 days of the period were before July 1st, but if I cancelled something on my service it would be credited as the lowest amount possible.

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