GST cut has saved me...

I just had an ok tasting pizza from Little Ceaser's, but I saved 5 whole cents, not half cents, thanks to Steve's cut to the GST. (If Dubya calls him Steve then so can I.) This is amazing because now when I get my 107th pizza from now I can pay for it with all the nickels that I saved. I mean I don't know how I could ever have afforded that 107th pizza before the GST cut. It would have been way beyond my means to pay $5.35, but thanks to Steve I can rest at night knowing that when 107 comes along I will be able to get it because of all my savings.

In conclusion, thank you Steve for this vital tax cut, which will certainly keep the country steaming ahead for years to come. It is difficult to imagine how we survived all those years paying a whole cent extra on every dollar (or a half cent per half dollar). Also, now an item that has a 99 cent tag will be a nice loonie and a nickel no need for the "have a penny leave a penny, need a penny take a penny" dish anymore.

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