I can read a sign

So the other night when I was waiting at the bus stop, which has a sign that says 9 and 72, the 72 just drove by me and didn't stop. I had seen other 72s stop there while I had been working earlier in the day. I thought it would be safe to assume that the bus would stop at the stop with its number. Apparently, that was wrong. After sending a complaint to Calgary Transit, I got this reply:

Thank you for contacting Calgary Transit regarding route #72. The reason
the bus did not stop for you at stop #4114 NB WEST CAMPUS DR@OKI DR NW
is that this stop is only for the route #9, not for route #72. The two
closest stops for the route #72 are #4106 - NB CHILDRENS DR@OKI DR NW
and #4269 - EB WEST CAMPUS WY@WEST CAMPUS DR NW. This is also why the
Teleride did not give you any stop information for the route #72 when
you entered stop #4114.

Best Regards,

Sandi Fielder
A/Customer Service Reports Coordinator
Calgary Transit

So apparently the sign is wrong, and therefore all the bus drivers who stopped there earlier in the day were wrong too. It didn't really make sense to me that the 72 would be rerouted along that road in front of the hospital and not actually stop there since the 73 stops 2 places on the other side of the street within 100m. I looked at the map because I had no clue where this Oki Dr was or Childrens Dr. Turns out those stops are in places that are fenced off right now. The hospital is still under construction and instead of making a temporary stop outside the hospital where the bus stop sign (stop 4114) says the bus stops they just ignored those stops.

I can understand why a customer service rep. who probably doesn't even know where the new hospital is might tell me that the new route is that, but I wonder if any drivers or supervisors on the street wondered where the actual route goes. It is quite obvious to me that Calgary Transit has no idea that the hospital is not yet open and that there is still a fence surrounding it, but in their little world where being 13 minutes late one day and 7 early the next is acceptable ignoring the real world probably a requirement.