Healthy Home Reno Tax Credits


This is my MPP, and I am not all that happy about this proposal. Why don’t we do just do a survey asking people if they plan on renovating their homes to make them more energy efficient? Then when they say ‘Yes’ we give them money. If they say ‘No’ ask if they would if the government paid part, then give them money if they say ‘Yes’. This is how I see these tax credits working.

Those who would not do such renovations regardless of credits still won’t and those who would have anyway still will. On top of still doing their renovations, they now get to pay less.

What seems to make more sense to me would be for the government to create 8-10 year (eco-renovation / energy efficiency) loans with basically no interest that can be paid back whenever for use on such renovations. Since the point of the renovations is to decrease energy waste, they should pay back in that timeline.

Also why is creating work for renovation businesses? Are there many of such businesses lobbying his office saying they do not have enough work? Around my area, which just so happens to be in his riding, most streets have at least one house with building permits in the window. I am not sure the renovation businesses are wanting for work.