school is all good now

Things are all finally falling together for my school schedule. I got a class I wanted today and one yesterday, so now I have a full 11 class schedule. I think I will only have to take 10 classes next year (3rd) and 11 in my fourth year. I also applied for 3 jobs at the University. One with Information Resources, I really hope to get that one, and two with Parking services. One of which is giving people parking tickets, which may or may not be fun.

In other good news, I only have two more days of work before I get to go on vacation for a week to Toronto. I worked alone yesterday because there wasn't that much to do, then today I only worked with one other person. It was nice and quiet even though we finished many different things.

Song: CBC Radio 3 Podcast #11 on iTunes
Book: Spin - Robert Wilson