Textbooks and pleasure reading

It would seem that I have a job at the university at least on a tentative basis. I think I have to successfully complete training and have the bosses still like me and I will have a nice job for the school year.

I went through the ritual of buying textbooks yesterday and let me tell you even though I only had two to buy it wasn't that fun. One of them cost 166.95 new and there weren't any used ones available and even if there had been they would've been 125. The other was more reasonable, the probability and statistics book I found used at the SU store was only 75, at least a bit less than the used ones at the bookstore, at 96. The only other textbook that was listed was for differential equations and I managed to get that on Amazon.ca for 10% less than at the bookstore, which was nice since it is a new edition.

Speaking of bookstores, I went to Chapters today and bought three books. Freakonomics, one about slowing down life and one about how soccer is analogous to international economics, relations and politics. They all look like they will be good reads.

Book: Neither Here Nor There - Bill Bryson