Hello to all. I started 2nd Year of Civil Engineering today. I know that might seem like I am going back in time but I'm really not. Well not really, I have one requirement to complete for my Linguistics degree and I am trying to talk to an advisor about getting that filled by something that I have already taken, which would be super.

I have a block week class that is teaching me the basics of AutoCAD. So far it hasn't been an exciting world of designing fancy toasters or designing a radio into a cheese sandwich, but I'm sure that will come with time.

Also, today I have been alive for 22 years. It doesn't seem like that long. It really doesn't seem like 4 four years since I started university. Oh well.

So far things are good. I like my job though the people I talk to generally think it is a bad job or that I must be a bad guy. Actually that's not true the permit holders in the staff lots are really nice about it. They usually say "hi", since they know that it is my job to keep their lot clear of non-permit holders so they can park there. And really is it that hard to drop a quarter into the meter if you are only going to be there 5 minutes?

Song: Je Cours - Kyo
Book: The Rebel Sell - Joseph Heath & Andrew Potter