Block week: done and done

There that is done now. I finished my final assignment for my block week course in much less time than was allotted. It only took about an hour and a half. I was under the impression that it would take three and a half. Now I have 2 hours still before my squash court booking. On a good note I got my first assignment grade back and I got 10/10, I thought I had made a mistake but I guess it wasn't obvious enough or relevant to the drawing.

I'm sitting on the couches in MacHall and when I look down I can see all the people lined up to get their ID cards/UPass. Most of them are probably thinking, "why didn't I come last week". Though I suppose that at least some of them are from out of town and didn't have that opportunity. Across the "courtyard" I can see into the health centre and the TV in the waiting area is playing The View. Thankfully I can't hear it, so I won't slowly go crazy listening to the inane topics of conversation. Oh and now it's CityTV news break.

I thought when CHUM took over A-Channel they were going to make the news look more credible. Perhaps they haven't gotten around to it yet. The news set looks almost the same as when A-Channel started oh way back whenever that was, except that now they sit at the desk they used to stand in front of. Despite their new pose, nothing seems to have changed about the newscast. It still seems as though a bunch of kids broke out the video camera and started making an impromptu newscast.

Wait... let's go back to the line. I find it hard to understand why the line never appears to be getting shorter. Is there some sort of waiting system that I don't know about where people have to wait before they line up until there is sufficient room in the allotted line space?

I wandered around the university a bit today wondering if I would find anybody I knew, but I didn't really find anyone, at least I didn't notice anybody. Jasmine called me while I was on my adventure, if it would even be that glamorous. I was walking through Science Theatres and the phone made a noise to tell me the call had been ended, which didn't make much sense to me since I had a full signal. I call Jasmine back and she's like "I hung up on you, I unplugged the phone cord for this cordless while trying to plug in my internet". I was amused that it was the person with the landline that cause the call to be ended unintentionally rather than the mobile signal cutting out.

I really don't know what else I can talk about. I think I will end this for now and hopefully find something to do for another hour and a half.

Book: The Rebel Sell