weekend gone by and goodness had

Stuff got done today. I was amazed actually considering I got up at noon-ish. Though I managed to finish almost all of my ENGG 325 assignment, which isn't due until next Monday (26th). I have some problems that I should do for Probability tutorial on Tuesday, but I can get them done tomorrow afternoon.

I also think that I have done the right amount of readings in Math and engg 325, which is really odd because normally I don't do anything. I actually think I have more work to do this year than before, but I still don't' think that I can get swamped like those poor engineering students who tell the world that engineering is hard and that it is so so so much work.

Hopefully I will find some free time next week in the evening so I can go to a few Calgary International Film Festival shows. I only sort of looked at the program that arrived in the paper today, but I'm sure I can find a few movies that are worth seeing. Perhaps Hank William's First Nation. There isn't anything this year like Wilby Wonderful, not that I saw it at the Film Fest but it played.

Last Thursday night I went to bed at like 9 because I was so tired form staying up too late and being at class at 8 a.m., but CB called me at 10.30 wondering where I was and I told him I was in bed and it turned out he was upstairs calling me from inside the house and I grumbled at him that I was sleeping and went back to bed. Then on Friday I had 3 hours of lectures then played squash and came home. Friday night I went for Vietnam Fortune with Jamie and Meghan, which was good, but the service gets worse every time we go. After that we played some games a Heather and Meghan's before I went home. Then got Heather a bit later to bring her to my house.

Saturday, I did some reading, cleaned my room a bit and started my excel lab. Heather came over for dinner and we fixed her computer, I think. We studied a bit at night, actually I accomplished nothing while trying to fiddle with my excel lab. Then we went to sleep and got up at noon-ish.

I worked tonight and there were so many people with tickets doing things they shouldn't be like parking in a fire lane, every time I went to one place there was a new car in the same spot right smack in front of the pole with the No Parking - Fire Lane sign.

Song: Watermark - The Weakerthans
Book: Freakonomics - Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner