So, I'm sitting in my block week class waiting for the prof to come back form his dentist appointment. Apparently, his tooth is broken and he is in pain, but for some reason he will be back to teach us more later in the day. Therefore we all have to wait around the university for another hour and a bit break. The other half of the class got a good deal because they have class in the morning and lab in the afternoon and get to leave early. I guess my labs will be done before I go home so that will be nice, but it would also be nice not to be stuck here until 5. There are people in this class that I do not recognize, which is strange because I we had 2 classes last year that were only 2nd year Civil students and I don't remember them being there.

Oh well. I'm obviously back from vacation, which you can read about on Heather's blog and see the photos from on my flickr account. The last couple evenings I have been working and it has been sort of boring and hot but it is getting busier so there is less time spent driving around looking for new cars. After the football game yesterday, I directed traffic for a bit because there is no way that people will ever get out of Lot 32 otherwise. I kinda wonder how long it takes them to empty the lot when the games end after 9 pm and no traffic people are around to help them out.

I'm sort of looking forward to this semester and next being done because I will be just that much closer to being done. I can then go out and hopefully do something useful, but that might not happen because not everybody does useful stuff.

I'm getting closer to finishing my summer project. I went and talked to my supervisor today and he suggested an easier way of setting the system up. So, I was working on that until I started on the Internet and ended up blogging.

It occurs to me that I could've made it to the library and back in either one of my breaks today and then I wouldn't have to go on the way home tonight. Oh well, it is too late for that now.