this one seems long

So far this semester I have not done that much. I should really get on to doing work but I just can't seem to start. Tonight, I was going to read a bunch of geology but I just found other less important things to do. I organised my Google Calendar, now I have all my midterms on there and reminders for those. (Actually, I only have 2 on there since those are the only ones I have a firm date on.)

It is really time for me to do the few little changes I need to put into my excel model to finish my summer project. I'm sure more than just I would be glad for it to be done. I will hopefully get that worked on tomorrow afternoon. I have to wait around the university for a while before I cm pick up my drawings from ENGG 253 design. I really want them since I spent so much time working on them. I know I spent more time that anybody in either of my groups but since they were graded on a 4 point scale, I ended up with 4 on them all. (So, did they for one of them.)

Every body's plan every year is to be organised and finish things early and read. That was my plan last week, but then I didn't even open a single textbook. Since it hasn't happened yet, I will try to make it start in the next week or so, but no promises.

Yesterday evening and today, I have been thinking about when I lived in the condo in Edmonton. I really liked the condo. I really didn't like the girls I lived with but that isn't really important because I mostly ignored them and they ignored me. I miss walking to school. It was a nice way to start every day. Even when it was -40, I liked the walk. It gave me time to listen to music. I never had to rush anywhere in Edmonton. I didn't have a job there, despite trying to get one (that was before the boom). (I hear they are tearing down V-Wing and the physics building to make way for the latest and greatest. That is kind of sad I had my longest exam in the physics building at UofA, and the most disorganised Sociolinguistics class, which I got an A- in. Memories.)

I know that I could start walking to school here but there always seems to be something that I should be doing here. There I rarely felt that way and there was nothing that couldn't wait until I walked home or I left the house again. Perhaps, I will try to start thinking like that again because it was usually nice to do whatever came up.

In other news, I'm on page 350 of The World is Flat and I am really hoping that I can finish it in the next 2 or 3 days. It is a good book, but you know when things drag on. Most 475 page books must drag on because they are just so long. This one is filled with interesting information and stories, and I would recommend that you read it if you haven't already.

One thing that I have noted from the book was a story about an engineer who also taught at the local university. He said that from the math class he taught for 100-something engineering students, he would've considered hiring 4 of them. This was because he saw how weak (or bad) their work ethic was. It reminded me of my classes. Almost nobody--usually including me--wants to do all (or any) of the readings or assigned questions. It makes me wonder what our professors think of us and if they would consider hiring any of us.

This seems long enough for now. I think I will post a photo too for those who didn't enjoy reading all this.

Song: I was going to get the iTunes free song this week but it is Sass Jordan and I couldn't bring myself to download that. Instead, I'm still listening to Barenaked Ladies are Me. The new CD that I got last week.
Book: The World is Flat - Thomas L. Friedman