Happen sometimes, things

So Heather and I put in an application to live at a nice looking apartment in Toronto. It is at Yonge and Eglington and not in the normal sense of at a place by being near it. (It is literally on the back of the Yonge-Eglington block.) Hopefully, our application is accepted. Otherwise, we will have to keep looking.

It was Heather's birthday Friday. So, we went out for dinner at Joey Tomato. Such a good place. We had to wait for a table for about half an hour but that wasn't so bad for somewhere downtown. Then we went back to her place and ate yummy cake, played Wii and watched a movie.

Saturday, we came up to my house and I set up my old computer for my mum and sister to use. We went out for dinner again at Cheesecake Cafe this time. It was pretty good too. Then off to Steph and Pat's. Where we played Balderdash. I'm not sure that I had ever played it before. I wasn't very good at it. We also watch Fargo, which Heather and I had never seen before. It was a strange movie but real funny, ya know.

Anyway, this week is back to normal with assignments in all classes and labs in all of them. (Last week I had 2/5 assignments and no labs. It was strange.) I'm sure it will be ok. This is the point in the year when nobody seems to want to be at school anymore and it is really annoying this year because when school is done I get to go off and work for 16 months in Toronto. Where I will make some cash and get to adventure around with my camera all the time.