I know what I'm doing

It has been a bit of a hectic week, which really started last week sometime. I got an offer for a job, had an offer for school and was waiting and hoping that I would get another offer for school. I had a feeling that the second offer was somehow contingent on getting an NSERC scholarship; thankfully it wasn't cause "the committee that reviewed your application was unable to recommend [me] for an award."

All this had me a wee bit worried about which I should plan on doing or say "yes" to. I managed to make it to Wednesday and get an offer for the second school, which was way more work to apply to than the first. The application was long and at one point in applying I though about stopping. But at the time I was fairly sure, given the length of the application form, that there would be a different form I would have to complete to give up. In response to me saying:

Did you know the UofT doesn't want me to go there because their application is so long and lots of the things in it don't seem all that relevant, but I will jump through their hoops. Who knows it might be worth it in the end.

She said something to the effect of sometimes hoops are good to jump through. I'm glad that I did finish that long form.

I think I may have some summer work out of the happenings of this week, but it is too early to tell for sure. Well work apart from the 3 weeks I will be in Calgary doing Parking for all the convocations on campus this year.

In a sort of tangentially related thought, I was thinking about Toronto an how much I like it. What spurred this was one of those silly "25 things" lists on fb. On it one of my old classmates said she could live in Toronto forever (except for a year in NY) and I really think I agree (except for the NY part, but that can be changed for Calgary). It is great. There are so many places to explore, so many layers to see, so much to do. Of course, I only did some of the vast array of possible things when I lived there. So much time was spent exploring the city though somehow it always seemed to lead to the same places.

There would be a moment when you realize that you have walked this obscure side street before and wondered why or how you managed to end up there again. Even though this happened quite often, it was always nice to explore a new area. Ravines were the most interesting because you never knew what you would find next. Though it was safe to assume it would be a strange tree, stream or broken dam/weir/channel.

It is also nice to have public transit that can take you across the city in two moves or less at the same time as taking 45 minutes or less. In Calgary, it can take more than an hour in an ordeal that involves more transfers than desirable to take transit somewhere you could walk in slightly less time, and when walking you don't miss connections.

There is quite a bit of work to get down on paper for my group design project, but nothing that can't be accomplished in a day or two of hard work. I'm hoping it is just a day (tomorrow), so I can get other things done on Sunday.

If I'm lucky I will get to watch the TFC game tomorrow on my computer. That will be enjoyable but not nearly as nice as watching March Madness online using the new Silverlight option they have. The quality is amazing and it rarely gets into buffering problems. The CBC could learn a thing or two about live streaming from that service. Their streaming service often leaves much to be desired. Some recent broadcasts have had 16:9 proportions but not nearly the video quality; probably due to the compression they are using. If we're lucky MS will just stop supporting the Windows Media streaming technology and force CBC to use Silverlight, which is absolutely a superior product.

That is likely enough blog for now given that I haven't been keeping up this semester. Not from lack of time but from lack of bothering.