Another Convocation

Today is my convocation for my Masters of Applied Science at the University of Toronto. I am glad to be finished. Below is the abstract for my thesis titled: Development of Analytical Probabilistic Models for the Estimation of Rainfall Derived Inflow/Infiltration Frequency.

Rainfall derived inflow and infiltration (RDII) is a cause of sanitary sewer overflows and sewers exceeding capacity before the end of their design lives, but it is not well understood. Several methods exist to model RDII in existing sanitary sewers. These models are not applicable for design, which is frequently accomplished by applying constant unit rates. Two analytical probabilistic models are developed to estimate the contribution of RDII to peak flow and volume. The analytical models have been tested against computer simulations using long-term rainfall records and parameters calibrated using actual field data. One model relies on calibrated parameters from the RTK method; a commonly used method requiring a time-consuming calibration process. The second model relies on the R-value parameter of the RTK method, and a time of concentration parameter. By providing better information to designers, these analytical models aim to improve engineering decision-making in the design of sewer systems.

You can request a copy if you feel the need to read it.