it begin... again

So I have had all my lectures now and one of my tutorials, and I like 2 of my profs. My Science, Technology and Society (STAS) prof is really quite funny and he has way too much energy. My ENCI 337, intro to civil, prof seems like she will be good. I met her like 3 years ago at an engineering dinner. Her lesson plans revolve around Dr. Suess books, and it seems like it will be a good class especially since it only has lectures Mondays and Wednesdays with the Friday time available for lab work and eating a good lunch before POETS. It is sort of too bad that I have a lab on some Friday afternoons because then I can't fully enjoy the drinking that goes on, but at the same time it's good that it is scheduled there so I won't generally work on Friday nights.

My math TA is this really arrogant guy, who told us that he got unhappy with his class last year after they couldn't solve a quiz question that was easy. Thing about that is that though it might not be complicated the tidbit of info that allows one to solve the problem easily isn't prominent in the formula sheets in the book since it is a relatively unimportant detail. So I might see what the other TA is like on Thursday and possibly jump ship to the other class. The prof for the class seems like a nice guy he goes for coffee after class so that students can join him and ask him questions. I have a class but it isn't like anybody in that class can keep up.

Our prof goes a mile a minute in probability, which is after math. Oddly enough it is in the next room over so 3/4 of the math class walks out into the hall and into the next room, I find it mildly amusing. Anyway, the prof went through his "slides" with such speed that even when I was just copying them down on my computer I couldn't keep up, and people in the class asked him to slow down but he didn't. Then to make it worse he let us out of class ten minutes early.

I played squash yesterday, and it was pretty good except the hitting me in the elbow with my racquet part, that sort of hurt. My arms and knees were stiff today, but that's ok since I didn't have a court booked for today. I also got a gym locker yesterday, it seems that there is less demand for lockers this year or many more lockers because I went in the mid-afternoon and there were still lockers left for both males and female locker rooms. As I remember there used to be a mad rush for lockers with people lining up early in the morning just to get a locker, it isn't as if one gets to choose the locker's location in the room.

Heather and Meghan threw me a birthday party on Saturday. It was really quite fun. We ate snacks and cheesecake, and played fun games. Heather and I also went out for dinner but it was pouring rain and the place we meant to go to was closed due to a leaky roof, which was quite disappointing because it is really good there. We ended up going to Chili's which was good as usual. Anyway, thanks for the party and to all for coming.

That is all.

Book: The Rebel Sell
Song: Frontier Psychiatrist - The Avalanches