After working for a few hours in the afternoon, I spent much of the evening working on differential equations. I think I know what is going on for most of the class, but then there are things that I can do half the time and can't do the other half. I will find out tomorrow when I have my quiz.

I did manage to get 4/5 on my first probability quiz. Which was good, unfortunately the question I got wrong was really straight-forward and I just didn't integrate the function correctly. It was just a silly situation. The people who were sitting around me said no wonder I got a better mark than them because I covered my quiz so others couldn't see. That reminds me of first year, when exam days were hat days, so many people would wear ball caps and wear them forward so they could look around and "guess" (as my math TA put it, though unintentionally).

I should get to bed and read my STAS reading before Jon Stewart starts. I should really do my Excel assignment so I don't have to think about it next week.

Song: Je te vend mon ame - Kyo
Book: How Soccer Explains the World