Blue Jays 2011

This baseball season, I happened upon the Toronto Star Season Pass for the Blue Jays. It was an excellent investment and I'm glad I chose it over another partial season pack from Toronto FC.

The pass cost me $99 and entitled me to attend up to 80 regular season games this year. The home opener was excluded. All I had to do was show up on game day and go to the Star Pass window and pickup my ticket. (Actually, I gave Heather one for Christmas and so generally we got a ticket each with our passes.) The fine print says tickets are only guaranteed if you show up 45 minutes before game time, but it was never too busy this year for us to get in when we showed up 10 minutes before the game.

The great part about the pass was that you didn't feel like you had to go all the time. I ended up going to 15 games this year ($6.60/game in the end). I think Heather saw 13 and her pass was used for 14.

Teams we saw:

The seats are in the 500 level and I can't complain too much about the views from most places I sat. A couple of times we were at strange spots that limited our view of one corner of the field but that was uncommon. They are not assigned seats so you can get a view all around the stadium. We usually sat near first base. We sat between rows 1 and 19. Though the majority of games we sat in row 7 or 9, which is a good view.

I think I will get a pass next year, assuming they still exist.