I'm in Toronto for the next week. The flight out was alright. The in seat TVs in our row didn't work so we moved to the 1st row of the plane where the TVs did work. That was good because I had selected a window seat except that when I sat down in my seat there was no window. It was solid wall. In front and behind me had a window but not me. It was really stupid. You would think that they would tell you that on their online system, "Row 8 does not have window seats". Seems like information that people might want to know. I wanted a window seat so I could take photos, not because I don't want other people to get up over me to go to the bathroom.

In the first row, even in the aisle seat, I managed to get some good shots out the window with my 75-300mm zoom lens. You can see them on Flickr. I will be posting photos most days because I will take lots and if I get behind on posting I won't post them forever. They might not all have titles but they will be photos.

Also, while on the plane Heather took my iBook out of her bag and it had large black marks on it. Upon closer inspection they were fingerprints. The security guy had taken the computer out of its case without asking, which he isn't supposed to do. He also was not wearing white gloves like he was supposed to. He was the only person other than us to touch it. With some rubbing alcohol I got the black marks off but I really shouldn't have had to do that. But it is really pretty white now.