Exam... and video.

I only have one more exam left this go round and that's great. I suppose I will just have to study for it tomorrow since I'm going to a potluck tonight. But that's alright because I know what is going in on that class. My exam today was great. The prof is really nice. Unfortunately, he is off to work in industry after this semester so we won't get any more classes from him. The exam was straight forward and I think I did well. At least better than the 2nd midterm which I only got 14/20 on, but still above class average so that's what really matters these days.


Heather sent me this link to a great GoogleVideo. It is Rube Goldberg type machines and the video is quite awesome. For those of you who actually watched the Flames Red Hot Video... This one is about a billion times better. For those of you who haven't watched it you should because it is hilarious and worth spreading around town for us who are too young to remember/appreciate it back then.