A party

Well a party was had and it was pretty good. There was the necessary drunk idiot who broke stuff, and the five people bickering over what music we should listen to. As a result of them we only listened to like 20 seconds of any song before it got switched.

Lisa will say that I was drunk, which may be true but I could walk and talk and use vocabulary, and my head wasn't spinning so I think I was doing very well for so much in so little time. Then we went for food at Boston Pizza. Of course that was after I talked on the phone for a long time.

I am tired now since I only slept for a few hours, maybe 3 maybe 3.5. So I think I will retire to a nap and think of something more to write later.

Oh yea yesterday was a great day, almost an excellent one.

Song: Left and Leaving by the Weakerthans

State: Almost napping