that weekend, which just passed

Edmonton is where I went this weekend. It was fun. Heather and I went for good food at Julio's and Chili's. We went to Ikea, and I got some new plants. I need to find a couple dishes for them so that I can water them, but I can do that in the morning. We also played Scrabble, which from the comments we got from others on the floor is not a cool way to spend your time. I disagreed and they thought that we should be drinking instead, but we were planning on having coolers later, and we did have them eventually. It was a fun weekend, even the drive up which involved 200 meter visibility from Crossfield all the way to Edmonton. (That being about 7/8 of the journey.)

I had things to rant about but I think I will leave them for tonight and write them tomorrow.

Song: Daughters - John Mayer, Androgynous - Crash Test Dummies
Book: I'll probably start a new one tomorrow