the weekend of past

I had an ok weekend. Friday night, Jamie and Meghan came over with Vietnamese subs which were excellent. They watched a movie in my room while I installed a laminate floor in my brother's room and it turned out pretty good considering I hadn't ever done it before and yea.

Saturday I put a floor in my room and then promptly said I quit because it didn't quite turn out the right size even though I measured and calculated the size I needed. So I think somebody is coming to put in the rest of the basement soon-ish. Anyway Saturday night I talked to Heather, drank a slurpee and watched the first part of The Corporation, which I borrowed from the library.

I reorganised my room, it is much nicer now. Kind of symmetrical in that I have my bed in one corner going along the long wall and my desk and bureau going along the opposite wall on the kiddy corner.

I should really get to bed. I have to work tomorrow and have an interview at UC Parking Services.

Song: Whodini - Billy and the Lost Boys
Book: Why I Hate Canadians, going on to The Manticore by Robertson Davies