UofC and me

I don't remember what I was going to write but I have a three day weekend, which is nice. The Club is closed on Monday because the University is closed. I really would like to hear from the UofC about what is going on with my application. Though good news is that my engineering average for program selection should be 3.52 since it only counts the last 10 technical courses. However, I'm a little concerned that they will place me in a lower priority group because they don't pay attention that it is a combined program and therefore I don't have to have the whole first year done to be considered. I mean even so I am only missing one course from first year when I should be missing 3 I think it is, and I have 2 second year courses covered already.

I am starting to read a new book soon. I for get what it is called there are a bunch of fire hydrants on the cover.

In other news, the government wasn't taken down by the opportunistic Conservatives today because an independent MP listened to his constituents, just like all MPs are supposed to, even the leader of the opposition.
Song: Changes - Tupac