a weekend to measure others against

I see that it is June now and I have still not posted so I should get something up.

On Friday the car finally went into the shop to get fixed, so we really hope that it will be ready soon. Though, I imagine it will take until Thursday. Later on Friday, Heather and I went for dinner with my mum, sister and brother at Earl's and it was pretty good. After that Heather and I joined Meghan, Pearl, Steve, Carl and Colin to go bowling. It wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be. I had a good time hanging out with people I don't really know that well.

Saturday, I helped CB register in a few classes, and I cleaned my floor. Later, Heather and I went out for a real date. It was quite fun. We had Vietnamese and then went to see Look at Me at the Uptown. Quite a good movie, in French. Then as it was still quite bright out (I could legitimately wear sunglasses still), we walked to Kensington where I bought a couple DVDs at Blockbuster, Goodbye Lenin! and Sideways. Then we proceeded back to m house where we watched Sideways. Oh I had a crazy dream just before I woke up on Saturday, with a tornado, then I looked at the weather on my computer and there was a tornado warning for Calgary.

This morning we had some good breakfast, and walked to the bus stop where once again we were on the wrong side of the street when the bus came (4 minutes early). So, we walked down to the other bus and I walked home. Rhoda came and picked me up and we caught up on the goings on of the past 5 months, sort of not really but there's lots of time to get stories. It was an excellent weekend and things should keep being good since there are tons of things to do and lots of people to hang out with.

Song: Dropkick Queen of the Weekend - The Dudes
Book: I think I will go pick up my hold at the library tomorrow. It is Mindscan by Robert J. Sawyer