the august long weekend

This has been a long weekend and it has been pretty fun. Friday, I was done work at like 11.30, not ideal but oh well. I came home and didn't really accomplish anything. I think I sort of decided what I was going to accomplish over the weekend. I really don't remember what I did on Friday night, I think I had an ok falafel from Schwarma King in Kensington. Then Heather and I went to Jasmine's and we watched random TV.

Saturday, I did a great many things in my house. I finally put up this new bulletin board my sister made at Christmas. I organized the laundry room and cleaned a bit here and there. I bought a wireless router and The Office DVDs. Heather and I watched the show and it was quite amusing, though the boss is a bit painful to watch at times.

Sunday, Heather and I drove to Drumheller and went to the Royal Tyrell Museum. There were many children there and it was very hot. We were glad that my car has Air Conditioning. We cooked some really greasy burgers on the BBQ, and after we had turned it off the grease kept burning until we were mostly done eating.

And finally, today, Heather and I didn't do much went for a walk after eating some waffles around noon. Then I thought it was time to clean out the chest freezer we have in the basement. I found Peaches from August 31, 1994, and raspberries from August 14, 1996. The worst part is that we have raspberry bushes in the alley and they come every year, and we never can eat them all, so everybody from around the neighbourhood eats them when they think we aren't looking. Like the other day, there were these people walking their dog really slowly on the other side of the street as I came out to get in the car so as I drove away I watched them in the rear-view mirror. As soon as I started away, they went for the bushes at a pace many times faster than their snail's pace of before.

We went to Jasmine's in the early evening today and watched some TV. It was a fun weekend, I even accomplished things.

Song: Back in the USSR - The Beatles
Book: too many to type out