after the day of the turkey

The weekend was pretty good. I hung out with Heather a bunch and finished my assignment on Friday afternoon. Work was good, though a bit boring on Sunday night. There were 7 lots that didn't have any cars in them and another 4 or 5 that had the same cars in them every time I drove by. Today, work was pretty good. It didn't even seem that long. I mean it was 7.5 hours but it really didn't seem like that. It was 7 p.m. in no time and then that last 2 hours always seems to pass quickly and suddenly it is 8.50.

Last night after work, I went to Melissa's with Heather, Rhoda and Jamie. It was fun. We went in the hot tub and chatted. And I really don't think that much went on yesterday. Heather and I went down to her house about an hour before I had to leave for the train to get to work.

Saturday, I didn't really do anything most of the day. I fixed a few things on Kelda's computer and did laundry. I visited Heather at work for the last half hour of her day. Then we had turkey here. It was quite good. There were a couple of my mum's old friends from her old job at Alberta Fish and Wildlife, my aunt and one of her friends from work. The evening was filled with laughter and a very warm house.

I think that's enough for now, I should go to bed as I have to get up and go to school tomorrow.

Song: Light Up my Room - Barenaked Ladies
Book: The Efficient Society - Joseph Heath and How Soccer Explains the World