goings on

I have been busy over the last few weeks but at the same time I haven't been that busy. Over the last two weeks, I have painted my aunt's kitchen and my room, finished my current engineering project (I think, just a few more tests to make sure), hanging out with Heather and many other things.

My previous posts have some of the images of my room. It is much more organised now and cleaner. I, also, found that I had 4 free shelves, but didn't know since random useless stuff was covering them.

This weekend was spent getting up early-ish to work at the university. It was quite quiet there. Hardly anything going on at the end of July, but that's ok because all the cars parked in the shade so I didn't have to walk in the sun that much. The early days also reminded me that I like the morning because it is cool out and quieter than later in the day. Things you forget when up late and end up going outside when it is already getting hot (you know like 9 - 9.30)

Last week, I wanted to buy this property in Toronto and the building plans on it, but alas I did not have the $1.5 million needed to accomplish this. I was thinking it would be really cool to build some row houses maybe a few stories high, then they could be 2 units each. Of course, the local area residents would probably not want such dense development in their area because as we all know all apartments and condo buildings are "hot beds" of crime and low property values. (I know at some point the property value had to be low enough for somebody/some group to purchase the building but generally values don't seem to be going down significantly.) I'm not really sure what made me want to do this. I look at the real estate section of the Globe & Mail all the time and usually don't want to buy property, but there was just something about last week that made me have these ideas.

It makes me wonder if I want to do transportation as my minor. Because I like buildings and such, but then again I like transit and urban planning. Now, that might indicate that I should be in urban planning or whatever the major is called at Ucalgary but I don't think that's what it means. One can always have a real-estate thing on the side; you just have to have a staff handyman because they are hard to find.

I know, I haven't been great at updating this recently but you can usually see what I have been doing on because I post pictures most days. I think that will be all for now.

Song: L'hiver Approche - Les Cowboys Fringants, Boston - Augustana
Book: uTOpia - Jason McBride & Alana Wilcox (eds.)