helping... or doing

He came in and asked if I could help him. I said that I could in a short bit because I still had a bit of my own work to do. So, in I go and what do I find he has hardly made an attempt at thinking about scratching the surface. My answer really should have been "no" since I can't really help somebody if they don't do anything themselves. It was all his fault that the samples were in such disarray. The man who dropped them off the night before had just tossed all these loose bags into our drop box. Then again out of 83 samples only about 10 were on the tables and they were in no kind of order.

I spent most of my working day organizing the samples and labeling them and setting out my day of grinding and weighing today.

However, the grinding wasn't as bad as it was last week when I had to do 103 samples in one day because a co-worker of mine had refit the grinder table so that the fan system we have in the room was more effective. It was way more effective, I hardly had any fine dust on me when I left the grinding room today, which was awesome because I hated being covered in dust. I did still wear my backwards hat and therefore had to wear it the rest of the day because my hair looked like a mop. At least it did until I rinsed it at home.

Anyway, that was a day and a bit which was a bit of a stressful time because I can't figure out how people can be so lazy yet not be fired. I think I would be a mean boss since I don't deal with inefficiency very well. How can people be like that?

Alright well that's enough for now, not as poetic as Meghan's post but she's a fancy journalist and I'm a lab assistant missing a few courses for a Linguistics degree and going into Engineering (again).

Sound: Lion Thief - The Beta Band